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Boost your business: an optimized telephone reception


Boost your business: an optimized telephone reception

The telephone reception of a company is generally the first contact with customers. The brand image depends on the quality of the telephone relationship. Whether they are prospects or already acquired, the impression of the customers is the most important. To optimize this welcome, professionalism and competent staff are essential.

The missions of the telephone reception

The objective of a telephone reception is to understand the challenges and needs of the call, in order to be able to respond to the customer's request. The interlocutor must be able to ensure the management of telephone calls, that is to say, the reception and transfer of calls, including a complaint and after-sales service.

For a successful reception, the interlocutor must offer his presence and availability to the customer. He must know how to conduct the interview, in order to reassure and put the applicant in confidence. Active and effective listening is imperative, this requires taking notes, followed by a search for solutions.
During this exchange, the interlocutor must show some understanding and empathy for the client's situation. Certain polite expressions and correct vocabulary should be used to show the respect that the professional has for his client. Positive words, with objective and meaningful words, completed with a smile, are fundamental. Even behind a phone, a smile is felt in the intonation of the voice and brings good humor for a relaxed discussion

Set up a telephone reception thanks to a specialized operator

Having a competent staff in telephone reception is an asset for the brand image of the company. In order to obtain qualified internal jobs, training can be a good solution. The advantage is that there is no waste of time, because the person already knows the business. If the staff present in the company does not have the time to manage and ensure the management of telephone receptions ( contact center management ), recruitment may be necessary and will expand the team.

The company can ask a call center to ensure all the reception and management missions. Professionals can also, if the company so wishes, carry out telemarketing or telesales actions and carry out reminders for debt collection, using their telecommunications techniques. The company can then refocus on its main activity, while having qualified staff who manage its telephone calls.

A telephone waiting message guarantees your correspondents an efficient, professional and personalized welcome. The customer can be greeted directly with a musical wait, completed with a personalized message.
Otherwise, a personalized answering machine can take over after the fourth ring, the telephone then becomes a media complement. Introducing institutional, advertising, event and informative communication allows people to discover know-how, the opening schedule, exceptional closures, even a new product or a new promotion. Customers will therefore learn more about the company and the call will not be unsuccessful because of too long a wait. This type of reception makes it possible to disengage an overwhelmed standard.

A company must take great interest in the telephone service it offers to its customers. The image that this exchange sends them determines their loyalty