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Business creation in Morocco: the boom for architects


Business creation in Morocco: the boom for architects

More than 36,000 companies were created in Morocco in 2017. And architects are in pole position with 250 openings, an increase of 187%!

Entrepreneurship continues to grow

For the second year in a row, the number of business start-ups in Morocco is increasing, according to Inforisk: “The economic situation seems rather favorable for starting your own business. The year 2017 thus saw a 9% increase in new registrations, which corresponds to the creation of more than 36,000 companies.

Top business creation sectors

- Trade and automobile repair (these two sectors recorded more than a third, or 11,805, of registrations in 2017)
- Real estate (7,545)
- Construction (6,600)

Among these dynamic sectors, architects represent the most significant growth (+ 187%) with 250 new firms opened in 2017!

It should be noted that the most dynamic sectors in terms of business creation are also those which record the most failures.

From architecture to photography to the fish trade

If architectural firms are exploding, other activities also present strong creations, such as the retail trade of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans (60 registrations during the year, or + 161%), the companies operating in the processing waste (79 creations, or + 132%), followed by photography (67 new companies, + 131%) and press agencies (69 new agencies, + 103%).

Conversely, only 1% of business creations concern the IT sector.