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Coronavirus: what are all the


Coronavirus: what are all the

In an attempt to curb the spread of Covid-19, the Prime Minister spoke live on Saturday, March 14 to announce "the closure of all places receiving the public not essential to the life of the country", in particular restaurants, cafes, cinemas, and nightclubs, from midnight until further notice. But what exactly are the businesses and establishments affected by the closure? A ministerial decree completes Edouard Philippe's declaration.

In response to the progression of the epidemic, the Prime Minister calls for more discipline in the application of the measures and announces the closure of many businesses

"We have seen too many people in the cafes, in the restaurants, that would please me in normal times because it is France that we all love, but for a few weeks that is not what we have to do", a regretted Edouard Philippe at the beginning of his speech.

Faced with the acceleration of the spread of the virus, and after a new consultation of the scientific council and in coordination with the German partners, the measures which affect our social life are thus reinforced.

Edouard Philippe also recommended going to work only if physical presence is "essential". On Saturday evening, the country officially entered stage 3 of the epidemic.

Closing of restaurants and shops: what exactly does the ministerial decision say?

If the measures taken are drastic, what are these “non-essential” businesses and these “non-essential” places that welcome the public? A decree from the Ministry of Solidarity and Health published in the Official Journal dispels the vagueness by completing this Monday, March 16 the list of the Prime Minister.

Note that places of worship are authorized to remain open. However, “any gathering or gathering of more than 20 people within them is prohibited until April 15, 2020, with the exception of funeral ceremonies”.

As a reminder, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared on January 30, 2020, that the emergence of a new coronavirus (covid-19) constitutes “a public health emergency of international concern”. Respecting the rules of distance in interpersonal relationships is one of the most effective measures to limit the spread of the virus.