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Entrepreneurs and future creators: how Roseau Entreprenerd can support you?

Entrepreneurs and future creators: how Roseau Entreprenerd can support you?

 Roseau Entreprenerd is a support network for entrepreneurs established both and internationally. This structure supported 1,500 creators, buyers and growth leaders last year, as explained by Managing Director, Frederique Jesse.

What are the missions of the Entreprenerd Network?

A public utility association, we are a network of 13,000 business leaders located on 83 sites but also in 29 countries abroad, who support creators and buyers by giving them some of their time. The basic idea of ​​the association created 30 years ago by André Mollies is simple: to create jobs by creating employers.

How does your association work?

We work with people whose project is being launched or with certain more established entrepreneurs now in the growth phase . Depending on their situation, we will help finalize the project and challenge the creator during a first phase of support. Then he will appear before a committee of experienced business leaders to become a "winner" .
Once this step has been taken, we will be able to offer three types of support : financial support through honorary loans with an average of 30,000 euros, support for the individuals thanks to our members who are themselves entrepreneurs, and finally collective support thanks to the network of business leaders that we will make available to the winner. Last year, we welcomed more than 1,500 laureates, for a total of approximately 12,000 since the creation of the network.

Is this support effective in the long term?

Yes: at three years, 92% of the companies we support are still in operation, and more than 87% at 5 years. We estimate that we have contributed to the creation of 266,000 jobs over the past ten years .

Does your advice exempt creators / buyers from following training in this area?

Of course not ! Our service is above all complementary to all the aids from which entrepreneurs may also benefit . So our loan is first and foremost intended to give the creator a more solid financial base so that he can then go and see the banks. Our services are primarily intended to give confidence to the entrepreneur and allow him to share with other creators who have also experienced the difficulties of creating a business . In doing so, they no longer feel alone. Its very important.

Is there a robot portrait of the "Entreprenerd Network winner"?

Every two years, we publish a panorama which, while taking into account the great variety of existing profiles , shows an average age of around 38 years . The laureates are mostly graduates with bac + 3 or more , 21% of them are women . A figure that continues to grow each year. After five years, the companies we have supported have created an average of 19 jobs. 52% of our creators come from private companies, 24% are also job seekers .