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Future business creator, what should be your first steps?

Future business creator, what should be your first steps?

 Let's go ! Whether your business is called upon to begin before the funds arrive or whether you can initially move forward without them does not change the case. So you get started. The first stages of your activity are decisive for the rest and require careful preparation on your part. The question here is simple: where will you start?

The first step is to take action: commercial action, but also communication actions.

As for the commercial activities, various questions ask: How are you going to get your first customer, your first contract, the one which will help you to obtain the following ones? Who will you call or contact in writing?

Logically, you will opt for a prospect that you have already potentially interested in your offer. The important thing is that you make a list of the first contacts you are going to make, ordering them in a logical way Do not forget to produce the documents necessary for your first interview and your first sale, such as a presentation of your offer, if possible. adapted to your prospect and his characteristics.

In the same way, you must ask yourself, before starting your activity, what your first communication actions will consist ofThese may consist of the sending of brochures, in writing or electronically, of the issuance of a press release announcing your existence, and/or of larger-scale communication action.

Indicators to watch

Your first steps should lead you to monitor from the outset, with great attention, some dimensions and key indicators such as stocks, costs, expenses and charges, and final deadlines. when you get started, appreciate the relevance of the deadlines you have defined. Experience shows that things often happen less quickly than expected and the first days of your activity will undoubtedly force you to readjust certain deadlines, so without a doubt to revise your business plan.

However, these deadlines operate in a cascade. If you do not get the appointment until two weeks after making contact (you had planned a week) and the decision-making process with your prospects is longer than you had estimated, the revenue resulting from the sales will return later: your WCR (working capital requirement) will then be weakened. The other family of deadlines to watch out for is the one relating to your suppliers.

What to do in the event of a skid?

Faced with slippage of such and such a deadline, you must react quickly if you can. If this is not the case, you must update your business plan by integrating the new delays observed and taking into account the consequences they will have on your profitability. In any case, you must keep your investors informed of your possible setbacks: they hate to be surprised or presented with a fait accompli.