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How to start a business in Haute Savoie?

How to start a business in Haute Savoie?

 Haute-Savoie is a region where life is good, especially because of the existence of a magnificent mountain environment. It is also appreciated for its good economic health, which is also a good reason for setting up a business there. If you have a project in this direction, here is how you should proceed to set it up properly.

The main steps to follow

The first thing to do is to assess the viability of your business creation project in Haute-Savoie. Next, consider doing some readiness studies. On this point, a market study is particularly important, because it makes it possible to estimate the volume of the customers of your future company and to have an idea of ​​the nature of your commercial offer. By the way, know that in Haute-Savoie, commerce, transport, real estate, and construction are among the sectors of activity that work the most.

Another step to consider is the assembly of the financial file and the development of the financing plan. Regarding the financing plan, its implementation is essential to distribute the various contributions that can be made by bank loans, subsidies, or its own funds.

Now it's time for the creation of the company. Several formalities must be fulfilled for this purpose, such as the choice and drafting of the articles of association of the company and the various registrations to be made. After this step, we arrive at the start of the activities. It is recommended, for this purpose, to have a certain number of management tools in order to closely monitor the operation of the company.

Go through the Entreprendre network for support

In addition to the steps to follow, you can go through the Entreprendre network to provide support to ensure that your business is set up in Haute-Savoie. This association aims to promote job creation by providing advice from several experienced managers. In other words, they are business leaders who accompany people who want to settle in the region. Knowing perfectly how a company works and what it is good to do to be successful, they present themselves as good contacts for the creation of your business in Haute-Savoie.

Benefit from accounting expertise with SR Conseil

In addition, you can be supervised by an accounting firm as part of the creation of your business. And in Haute-Savoie, SR Conseil is at your service. This firm, which has 60 years of experience, will meet all your expectations in several areas, such as accounting, taxation, finance, social and legal.

SR Conseil is a group of accountancy firms located in the Rhône Alpes region, offering services and advice to businesses. Personalized services for managers and companies in the city of Grenoble. The Haute Savoie accountants are professionals and management specialists, expertise and auditing accounting, tax and social. Auditors also work with companies dedicated to outdoor activities and leisure:

  • Assistance in drafting statutes
  • Legal and tax advice
  • Support for creation and development
  • Accounting and tax management missions
  • Help in finding financial partnerships

SR Conseil thus takes care of all the accounting costs, subject to being a member of an Approved Management Association and generating self-employed worker income (BNC) of less than € 32,900. Companies using the services of the group's firms can also benefit from a tax reduction.