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Marketing consulting agency: what can it do for you?

Marketing consulting agency: what can it do for you?

 Marketing, also called “mercatique” in French, consists for a company in studying  the needs of consumers, their expectations, their journey and their purchasing behavior , in order to identify new possibilities for the growth of your activities, as well as adapted products and services. Whatever the nature of the business concerned, establishing a marketing strategy is essential to  stand out in a given industry . To do this, you should contact a service provider specializing in this field:  a marketing consulting agency.  What can it bring to professionals? Why outsource the marketing department of a company? Here are a few things to think about.

Marketing consulting agency: what is it?

A marketing consulting agency must be differentiated from a communication agency. Indeed, while the latter is interested in all the promotional aspects of a company, the marketing agency focuses mainly on finding new customers, through market research in particular, and through the development of 'a traditional as well as a digital strategy. Depending on the needs of businesses, the marketing consulting agency can offer a  one-off action, but also a long-term campaignNote also that at present, all marketing agencies are able to establish a strategy on the web and specialize in this path. As you know, the sustainability of a business obviously depends on a strong presence and good visibility on the Internet.

What are the missions of a marketing consulting agency?

The missions of a marketing consulting agency are particularly broad. Nevertheless, it is possible to highlight three main roles:

  • The marketing consulting agency, to define marketing objectives:
    • Increase in turnover, margin, market share, number of customers
    • Geographic expansion
    • Market penetration
  • The marketing consulting agency, to define a marketing strategy:
    • Determination of customer segmentation and selected targets
    • Establishment of the positioning of the offer to ensure a perceptible differentiation
    • Definition of the value proposition/customer benefit offered
  • The marketing consulting agency, to define lines of action:
    • Projection at 3, 5, 10 years
    • Development of a new product
    • Development of a new activity
    • Reconstruction of the offer
    • Business modeling
    • Digital strategy

But then, as a company, why call on such a service provider? Well, know that the outsourcing of your marketing strategy allows you to benefit  from a fresh outlook on your company , but also from the skills and performance of specialists. In your company, you may be lacking competent staff: hiring a marketing consulting agency, such as that of  the Zebra Group ,  allows you to make significant savings.  Indeed, contacting a service provider is much less expensive than hiring new employees!

What tools are used by marketing consulting agencies?

Any marketing strategy involves  market research, image, notoriety or positioning , depending on the needs of the company concerned. To do this, the agency has a large number of tools, such  as documentary studies  , surveys, individual interview systems, etc. But, as we mentioned previously, agencies specializing in marketing also offer their clients to improve their digital visibility, by refining their presence on the web. For this,  the use of social networks , but also other processes such  as referencing , is being considered.

How to choose the right marketing consulting agency?

Creating an effective and impactful marketing strategy is critically important to businesses. Also, it is advisable to call on a competent agency. We will therefore take care to inquire about  reputation, performance, but also customer support , as well as the necessary budget, before committing to a service provider