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Marketing: learn the basics of the trade and improve your skills


Marketing: learn the basics of the trade and improve your skills

Intended for non-specialists anxious to acquire basic knowledge or for confirmed professionals wishing to update some of their knowledge, the training courses offered by schools, universities or private training organizations each have their specificities.

For non-specialists who want to learn the fundamentals of the business, there is extensive training a few months to a year exempt in specialized schools, big schools of commerce or IAE (Institute of Business Administration), which are attached to universities.

Business schools: the benchmark for marketing training

The major business schools which are, as their name does not indicate, references in marketing education , have also developed an interesting and high-level training offer It is important to note that making the choice of a large school or a reputable university establishment to follow his long training in marketing is not trivial: in addition to the prestigious name to be noted on his CV, the trainee will benefit from the cutting edge in terms of education and will expand its network at the same time.

Targeted marketing internships for professionals

Traditionally, short internships focused on marketing have been the subject of a plethora of offers, but this has grown even further since the reform of vocational training! In order to prepare for future demands, the training centers have developed complete ranges of training courses dedicated to marketing.

Large organizations such as Cegos or Demos have significantly enriched their offer over the past few months. Demos, for example, offers a range of short internships covering all the issues encountered in the field, from the most basic to the most technical: “The Keys of marketing: methodologies & practices ”,“ Improvement in marketing ”,“ Reinforce marketing / sales synergy ”,“ Operational marketing techniques, “Co-branding or the winning alliance of brands”, “Innovate & Create in Marketing "," Industrial Marketing "," Service Marketing "...

From the most general to the most specialized, the internship offer meets all the demands and situations encountered by professionals . An offer which also has the advantage of following market developments: an internship on an obsolete theme no longer has any reason to exist and quickly gives way to more suitable training. And as much to say that in this environment, things evolve very quickly.