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Pacte Law: 5 measures to simplify business creation

 The project led by Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy,Pacte Law: 5 measures to simplify business creation Lawn relating to the growth and transformation of businesses (PACTE) is published in the Official Journal and contains in particular 5 measures to simplify the creation business.

Pacte Law: 5 measures to simplify business creation

A unique platform to create a business in just a few clicks

If the procedure for setting up a business is long and complex, the first article of the Pacte law adopted by Parliament aims to set up a single online platform for setting up a business.

This platform, gradually implemented by 2021, will replace the 7 networks of current formalities centers which will nevertheless continue to assist entrepreneurs far from digital in the formalities to be completed.

The formalities will be paperless and the business creator, whatever his activity and legal form, will find his single point of contact via the platform.

A general dematerialized register

This register will centralize all information relating to companies for the purposes of simplifying procedures, reducing costs and processing times, particularly administrative ones; all entrepreneurs will be able to do their paperwork online.

More than 800,000 companies are registered in several registers; the Pacte law will reduce the additional costs linked to double registration due to the reconciliation between the registers.

Set up gradually by 2021, this general register will bring together the information contained in the national register of commerce and companies, in the national directory of trades, and in the register of agricultural assets.

A single decreasing flat rate for judicial and legal announcements

200 euros, this is currently the average cost for the publication of a judicial and legal announcement when setting up a business. The Pacte law will introduce flat-rate pricing for announcements relating to the creation and life of a business in order to reduce the cost.

Removal of the bank account of micro-entrepreneurs (modest income)

More than half of micro-entrepreneurs have a turnover of fewer than 1,000 euros per year. Having a bank account dedicated to professional activity costs them an average of 240 per year, which is a significant expense.

To remedy this, the Pacte law removes the obligation to have a professional bank account for the most modest micro-entrepreneurs, that is to say, whose turnover is less than 5,000 euros excluding tax.

Removal of the installation preparation course (craft companies)

The installation preparation course represents on average 400 euros for a future entrepreneur. The Pacte law makes the installation preparation course optional, the cost of which is now set at 194 euros.

If one of the main objectives of the Pacte law (which includes 221 articles) is to simplify the life of business creators with the creation of a 100% online company, the extension of the status of the collaborating spouse, etc. the text also allows the privatization of the Française des Jeux and Aéroports de Paris.

The text also contains a social component that obliges listed companies to publish their pay differentials.