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The coffee break in business, this essential ritual

The coffee break in business, this essential ritual

 In all companies, the coffee machine and the space dedicated to it occupy a central place in the life of the collective. Both a place dedicated to rest and socialization, the relaxation area as it is sometimes called is much more than that, it is the real incubator of ideas and links within economic structures.

And if the coffee break in business is so important, it is therefore essential to devote little resources to it to optimize it. Explanations.

The advantages of a business coffee break

The coffee break in business is a breath of life in the midst of obligations. Around the machine, we discuss, we exchange, we laugh and we sometimes talk to them. It is here that ideas come to life, that speech is freed and conflicts subside. An essential element of any business, whatever its size, the coffee machine thus represents a space beyond time and constraints, which must be chosen to satisfy the desires and aspirations of your employees.

The coffee break is so essential to the internal life of companies that the famous “Camera Café” series has made it its core. We could follow the sometimes touching, often funny and always close to reality adventures that the episodes of the series told us. Its enormous popular success clearly demonstrates the central importance of this space and therefore the need to call on experts, such as Buroespresso, an artisan roaster specializing in coffee breaks in the office.

Why optimize the rest of your employees with the coffee break?

If the coffee break in a company seems a priori time wasted for work, the opposite is true. Taking a break around a hot drink and being able to exchange rumors, anecdotes or jokes is indeed the best way to relax and regain energyFor management teams, offering a space dedicated to optimized relaxation is, therefore, a matter of optimizing team productivity.

In addition, the relaxation area is considered as a separate place in the offices and therefore often as a room which belongs to the employees. When management is generous and offers new functions to this space or improves its equipment, it contributes to increasing satisfaction in the premises and thus creates the famous feeling of belonging necessary for the success of any project. ambitious collective.

Coffee experts at the service of your productivity

And to make the coffee break in business a real catalyst for business success, we can call on experts capable of providing you with multiple services. One thinks in particular of Buroespresso, a company which offers the rental of coffee machines to companiesHere, you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment with multiple and adaptive services as needed.

For example, in their all-inclusive pack, you won't have to worry about anything since the number of kilos of coffee beans, the number of cups, sticks, spatulas and even cleaning products is provided in the pack. ! Of course, you will always have the possibility to adapt your consumption to your needs and will also benefit from guaranteed assistance in the event of a breakdown. Who says better?