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The criteria for choosing your business school in Paris


The criteria for choosing your business school in Paris

Paris and its region have the most students in higher education(more than 600,000 in Ile-de-, half of which are in intramural Paris). In particular, we find the most renowned business schools there, which each year attract large staff in search of a living environment conducive to studies with good employment prospects. Here are the criteria to take into account to choose your business school in Paris!

International labels and accreditations

Before entering a business school in Paris, the first point to verify recognition by the State. Specifically, it means seeing whether the school in question is held accountable to the Ministry of Higher Education and whether it can accommodate scholarship recipients. International accreditations are often overlooked by students when it comes to orientation, wrongly. However, they constitute a very reliable guarantee of quality, especially since very few schools can claim to be accredited by the three main labels: Equis, AACSB, and AMBA.

Diploma visas

If a school is recognized by the State, the diplomas it issues are not necessarily targeted. For them to be, the institution recognized by the State must undertake a procedure and make a request to the ministry during which the authorities carry out a detailed examination of the proposed program, find out about the participants in the training and take into account the pedagogy of the establishment to grant visas.

RNCP certified grade

All establishments can request the registration of their diplomas in the National Directory of Professional Certifications (RNCP) which makes it possible to check whether the training they offer is recognized by the State and whether it is well suited to the market of French employment.

Membership of the CGE

Not all business schools are “grandes écoles”. To check if an establishment is considered as such, check with the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles. The CGE is an association that brings together all the major business schools capable of delivering a bac + 5 level diploma corresponding to the masters.


Over the years, the possibility of taking work-study training has become essential in a large number of business schools in Paris for several reasons, in particular the possibility of having a job alongside one's studies, of benefiting from remuneration and professional experience in his field, and to pay his tuition fees.

The training offered by the school

The educational offer of a school is one of the most decisive criteria when choosing your study establishment. What training does this school offer? Are you really interested in them? Do they match your aspirations? Here are some questions to ask yourself to better distinguish the courses that suit you. Most schools first offer a general course, then more targeted training in different areas. In addition to traditional specialties such as auditing, finance, marketing, communication, and Human Resources, there are more specialized fields that meet very specific student expectations such as wine management, luxury goods, logistics, and engineers/managers course.

Associative life

In a business school, being part of a student association is almost essential. Alongside their studies, the students organize themselves within the framework of associations and take care to administer them as in a company (recruitment interviews, distribution of tasks, budget management, etc.). Finding a business school with a rich and diverse community life allows you to better work on your interpersonal skills and your ability to collaborate with other teams, which allows you to better prepare for business life.