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What are the stages of starting a business?


What are the stages of starting a business?

In our society, entrepreneurship has become the main vector of progress and exploration of human possibilities. By relying every day on the infinite reservoir of ideas carried by the women and men of our world, humanity tries, makes mistakes, finds solutions, and ultimately evolves. But this essentially intellectual aspect of business creation must also be correlated with a good mastery of the technical and administrative implications. From the idea to the daily management, we give you here all the stages of the creation of a business in detail!

Find a relevant idea

The first step in creating a business is of course the birth of an idea. Every day, millions of us have ideas, but only a few brave people choose to turn these illuminations into real projects. To design service or a product that offers real added value to a clientele or a territory, you have to both listen to your inner voice but also to the expectations of your fellow citizens.

Once this idea has germinated, you will have to start thinking about the form. The business creation through reflection around a concept and what defines it. It will therefore be necessary to think about the variety of the catalog, the graphic charter of the brand or quite simply the supply needs. Your creativity will be an important weapon to stand out but also know how to meet the expectations of those you imagine potentially interested in your offer.

Know how to plan your project

The stages of starting a business always begin with almost contemplative aspects during which you have to let your imagination project your desires and ideas in isolation. But very quickly, once the project has been formed in intellectual terms, it will be necessary to confront it with the reality on the groundFor this, it is essential to ask yourself, for example, the question of human resources and the skills you will need.

It will also be necessary to launch a market study to know precisely if your business creation project is viable in the geographical area that concerns you. Here, you will have to study the competition and its uses, such as the prices charged, the diversity of the catalogs or the quality of the offer. Starting a business is never an off-ground project so know how to accurately assess your economic environment before you start.

Create your business around a precise business plan

After the emergence of an idea and the design of a project well in touch with reality, the essential steps in creating a business concern the drafting of a precise business plan, the essential element for survival and the sustainability of your business. Knowing how to develop this type of plan involves first and foremost a successful and perfectly planned mix between your expenses and your income. Do not neglect this step because it constitutes a turning point that often determines the success of a project.

If you already know what skills you need, you will now have to determine the salaries to pay to use them but also include in the calculation the possible cost of the materials necessary for your activity or the rent of your place of practice. Likewise, revenues must be accurately evaluated to enable you to make accurate predictions. In particular, we advise you to use the services of expert websites supporting companies such as which offer business plan models.

Find appropriate funding

If you have followed the steps of creating a business as we suggest them to you, your project will begin to take shape because you know your needs and your objectives, well done! However, nothing is won yet because to launch an activity, it is almost always essential to find fundingDepending on the case, there are activities that require only a few funds and which can therefore be fulfilled by the entrepreneur himself, but in the majority of cases, other resources will have to be found.

If you are not sufficiently endowed or if your project involves significant contributions to the launch of the activity, we advise you to find out precisely about government aid for business creation. There are many systems and there again, the support of an expert like will be an additional asset to launch your activity in the best conditionsAlso, think about banks that can help you if your project is well put together.

The choice of legal status, essential in the process of setting up a business

The choice of legal status is again a determining element in the stages of business creation. Indeed, this choice will have consequences in fiscal, legal, and administrative matters. This will also impact the day-to-day management of the company, such as its ability to recruit, the possibilities in terms of financing by third parties or the methods of its internal functioning and decision-making between partners if necessary.

Know that, as, throughout your business creation process, the intervention of a legal expert will allow you to see more clearly the different possibilities available to you. The questionnaire on the choice of legal form proposed by is, for example, a very suitable tool for the undecided or those for whom the arid administrative language of government information sites does not allow a good understanding of the implications of such or such choice of status.

The formalities to start a business

When setting up a business administratively, the stages of setting up a business differ depending on the choice of status. Those who move towards the status of auto-entrepreneur, for example, will have few formalities to complete and no status to write. It will suffice for him to declare a start of activity with the CFE, the Business Formalities Center to get started. On the other hand, many statutes require more administrative work.

Depending on the status selected, SA, SAS, EURL or other, the procedures differ but all involve a certain number of procedures. For example, it will be necessary to draft the articles of association, fill out precise forms, produce a certificate of non-conviction, or even publish a legal notice but also make a deposit of share capital at the bank. After all these steps, you will need to register your company with the registry.

The stages of business creation… and after?

As you can see, the stages of the creation of a company are numerous and very diverse according to the needs or the choices made. That is why we repeat, the support of a legal expert is highly recommended. Not only will you save time but in addition, you will be more serene because less subject to administrative hassle. This will put you in the right mood to devote yourself fully to your professional project.

Indeed, the occupation by the multiple steps of starting a business sometimes tends to forget the most important. Remember that the early days of your business are decisive so don't hesitate to give your all. Communication is certainly one of the most essential aspects to get your business going so be active on the networks, set up your stand in the exhibition halls, and above all keep confidence in yourself because we know that any entrepreneur who puts a heart in the book always ends up being rewarded for its multiple efforts!