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Do you want to work on your own, freelance,What is wage portage? but benefit from the advantages of salaried employment? Then wage portage is for you. This system makes it possible to develop a professional activity, as a self-employed person would do, while benefiting from the social security cover of an employee. 

What is wage portage?

 DefinDition of wage portage

Appeared in the 1980s, wage portage wants to allow the self - employed to work independently while benefiting from the employee status that would be theirs in a traditional company. How it works ? It is enough to engage with a company of porterage , which will pay the self-employed worker. “ Baby wearing, ” specifies Prince Moukoumbouka, director of Cegelem , “ is a tripartite relationship between an independent, his client, and a company like ours which will be the intermediary between these two players. "

The self-employed person becoming " carried " will thus benefit from the general Social Security system; he will be able to contribute for retirement, will be entitled to a mutual insurance company and will also be able to claim unemployment. “But while benefiting from these advantages , he will retain, like any self-employed person, the possibility of choosing his missions and he will set the amount of his remuneration himself. "

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wage portage?

The advantages of this formula are very clear: it involves taking advantage of the employee status and all the protections it offers , while remaining independent. Getting carried also allows you to avoid all the usual paperwork that the business creator has to manage, such as the declaration to Unsafe or even putting in contact with the pension fund.  " Freed from administrative, legal, fiscal and accounting constraints , the port will have more time to look for missions and carry them out without worrying about administrative tasks , " resumes Prince Moukoumbouka. Baby wearing is also often the way to get administrative help, the time to test a new activity.

Of course, porting comes at a cost. The ported employee will in fact pay a percentage of his mission to the portage company in return for his service , very often between 5 and 10%.

What trades or activities can we exercise with a wage portage contract?

Baby wearing is not accessible to all professions, and in particular to merchandise trading or personal service activities. Regulated activities - lawyer or even chartered accountant - cannot be carried out either.

Who can do wage portage?

With the exception of the few trades we have just mentioned, porting is nonetheless aimed at a very wide range of trades. For example, the setting is ideal for a consultant, an engineer, a web or digital specialist or even a real estate professional . Finally, it will be possible to be worn at any point in your career, whether you are an experienced executive, a young designer wishing to test an idea before setting up his own business , or even a retiree anxious to keep an activity.

What salary for the worn?

The scope itself sets the price of its missions. Its income will therefore depend on its own rates. Be careful though, the service is not free. Once the percentage corresponding to the management fees of the carrying company, employer contributions and employee contributions has been withdrawn, it generally remains between 50 and 55% of its gross income . An important puncture, but such is the price of safety. "By way of comparison, the auto-enterprise is much lighter in costs, but it still imposes certain administrative procedures, for much less coverage", remarks the director of Coelom.

How to start in wage portage?

There are several ways to do this . First, the self-employed already has clients and assignments: he will then get in touch with an umbrella company which will hire him and have him sign a fixed-term or CDI employment contract. She will then get in touch with the customer of the port, company or administration on the rest of the process, and in particular all the administrative management of the payroll.

Second, the self-employed person has no specific clients: he can then count on the address book of his bearer who will help him find assignments .

How to choose a company / company of wage portage?

To choose the right umbrella company, you have to take into account your sector of activity and choose a structure that knows the field well . "A porting company like Coelom , which has many contacts in the IT world, construction and finance, will thus allow its staff to access a whole range of new customers that they would have had difficulty reaching through another way. "